Office of Academic Assessment



Resources for Assessment Planning


Six Fundamental Questions for Assessment


The Higher Learning Commission has created six questions for use in developing and evaluating assessment activities in institutions.  The UNI Office of Academic Assessment has created potential behavioral descriptors for each questions to help guide conversations about assessment and the development and refinement of assessment processes in programs and departments. HLC expansions of the six fundamental questions can be found by clicking here.


Evaluating the Student Outcomes Assessment Plan:  Some Criteria and Questions for Discussion


Wondering what members of the Committee on Academic Program Review looks for when they read assessment plans?  Curious about what the Higher Learning Commission expects? Not sure how to "close the loop" on assessment?  This packet of information may help.


Examples of Student Learning Outcome Statements and Assessment Plans


The links on this page will provide examples from other universities around the United States that may help departments as they develop, review, and revise their student learning outcomes and student outcomes assessment plans.


Some Resources for Developing Learning Outcomes for Graduate Programs


This handout provides examples of generic learning outcomes for graduate programs, some strategies for developing learning outcomes, and some links to graduate program outcomes and assessment plans.


Strategies for Assessing Student Learning


The links on this page will provide you with a variety of methods for measuring student learning, as well as some advantages and disadvantages of various approaches.


Developing and Using Student Learning Outcomes--Some Possible Next Steps


Whether you are just starting the process of writing student learning outcomes or are ready to put them to use within your program, this handout suggests some action steps for putting learning outcome statements to use for your department.


On Students and Assessment of Learning:  Some Questions for Conversations


This link leads to a handout with a variety of questions developed by Cecilia L. Lopez, from the Higher Learning Commission, that suggest possible actions for involving students in assessment-related activities.