Assessment at UNI


Assessment Planning


This page will walk you through the steps in assessment planning. For each step, you will be able to link to pages providing you with resources for making decisions and taking action. 


  1. Thinking About Assessment

Why do we do assessment?  What does good assessment look like? What does the Higher Learning Commission expect from assessment activities? This link provides some background information for thinking about assessment.

  1. Developing an Assessment Plan

Writing an assessment plan involves determining what you want students to learn, how your program will lead to student learning, and how you can get a clear picture of what students have learned.  The links below provide resources for some specific steps in creating an assessment plan.  

Organizing the Assessment Plan

Writing Learning Outcomes

Selecting Assessment Strategies

Some Resources for Graduate Program Assessment

  1. Reviewing the Plan

How do you know if you have a well-written plan, one that will be doable, deliver useful information for your program area, and provide a clear explanation of your assessment processes to those inside or outside of your department, whether they read it today or ten years from today?  This link provides both some general and specific guidelines for evaluating your assessment plan.

  1. Reporting Findings and "Closing the Loop"

What is the assessment cycle for UNI?  What are the formats for assessment reports?  How can information from assessment activities be put to use for program improvement?  This link provides resources to help you make assessment an ongoing process for reviewing your accomplishments and strengthening your program.