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Reporting Assessment Data and "Closing the Loop"


There are multiple reasons for assessing student learning, including providing data on university programs for purposes of accreditation and accountability to external university stakeholders such as parents, legislators, and the Board of Regents.  A major purpose, however, is for departments and program areas to have information that will enable them to make decisions related to the ongoing nurture and development of quality educational programs for students. 


The links below will provide some ideas and resources for creating, maintaining and using data and information on student learning in program areas.


Creating Annual Reports

The Assessment Cycle: Activities and Timelines

A Comparison of Assessment Plans and Assessment Reports

Selected Resources for Creating the Annual Report

PowerPoint:  Tips & Guidelines for Writing the Annual Report


Annual Report Templates


Annual Assessment Report Template--Vertical Column Format

Annual Assessment Report Template--Horizontal Format

Annual Assessment Report Template--Discussion Format


Reviewing the Annual Report


FAQs and Tips for the Annual Report

An Evaluation Form for the Annual Report

Assessment Associates: Peer Evaluation of Annual Reports, 2012-2015

Advice from Assessment Associates For Writing Annual Reports


Making Use of Annual Report Data and Information

On Using Assessment Information and Closing the Loop

Archiving Assessment Documents--Some Tips and Ideas



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