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To access the test, see "How do students access the online test site?"

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  • What is Proficiency Profile?
  • Proficiency Profile is a standardized test from Educational Testing Services (ETS).  The test measures student skills in the areas of skills in reading/critical thinking, writing, and mathematics, as well as ability to read and understand content related to the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

Why does UNI administer Proficiency Profile?

The test provides UNI with information on how well it is providing students with the kinds of skills they will need as community members and professionals after graduation.


  • Who takes the test?
  • The test is taken by first-year students at UNI early in the fall semester and by seniors near the end of the spring semester. 
  • When/where will seniors take the test?
  • Seniors can take the test in Spring 2013 on their own at any computer with access to the Internet.  The test will be available through midnight, April 21
  • How long does the test take to complete? 
  • Students have 40 minutes to take the test itself.  Including completion of personal profile information and a brief review of how the test page operates, students should be able to complete the test in around an hour.


  • What are the prizes for completing the test?

Drawings from the names of all seniors completing the test:

    • One prize for scores from 432-444 (~25th percentile through 50th percentile) = $100
    • One prize for scores from 445-460 (~51st percentile through 75th percentile) = $300
    • One prize for scores from 461-500 (~76th percentile through >99th percentile) = $500
    PLUS: Top score from each college (CBA, CHAS, COE, CSBS) = $250
  • When will the prizes be awarded?
  • Winners will be notified by UNI e-mail on April 29, the week before finals.


What if I already took the test?

If you are a senior from CBA that took the 2-hour version of Proficiency Profile in Fall 2012, your name will be entered into the drawings.  If you are not sure whether you took the test, check with the Office of Academic Assessment by contacting Sue Jordan at


Other Questions?

Contact Donna Vinton in the Office of Academic Assessment.


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