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Portfolio Resources


This page provides a variety of resources related to using portfolios, particularly electronic portfolios, to support teaching and learning in college and university settings.  The resources have been selected from many resources available on this topic, but they may provide some starting points for thoughts about incorporting portfolios in courses and programs at UNI.




The Learning Portfolio: A Powerful Idea for Significant Learning. 

An Overview of E-Portfolios. 

The Electronic Portfolio Boom: What's it All About? 

Review of Portfolios in Higher Education: A Flowering of Inquiry and Inventiveness in the Trenches. 

Electronic Portfolios for Learning and Assessment.

What It Takes: Issues in Implementing Electronic Portfolios.  

Fostering Integrative Knowledge through ePortfolios. 

Collaborative Planning for Electronic Portfolios: Asking Strategic Questions 

E-Portfolios--An Effective Tool?


Books on Portfolios in the Assessment Library


Rod Library and the Assessment Library in ITTC 117A both offer a number of resources related to the use of portfolios in higher education.  Click here to see what is available in the Assessment Library.  Titles preceded by an asterisk are also available in Rod Library.


Web pages


EPortfolios at UNI (Subsections of this page are linked below.)

Getting started with ifolio 

History of ePortfolios at UNI

Showcase (examples of eportfolio galleries from colleges/universities



Digital Portfolios Made Easy


Digital Portfolio Resources for You   


Portfolios (Overview, types, uses, & and development, from the University of Texas)


Journals and Newsletters


The AAEEBL Learner


International Journal of ePortfolio 





The Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning

Inter/National Coalition For Electronic Portfolio Research

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