Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

Assessment Council Activities

Assessment Council Roster (PDF)


Assessment Report Evaluation

Each program at the University of Northern Iowa is required to complete an annual student outcomes assessment report. The reports are reviewed by the Assessment Council, and feedback is given for each program to identify deficiencies and improve their assessment processes and procedures. Each report is independently evaluated by two council members using the Evaluation Rubric (PDF).

Evaluation Criteria:
  1. Goals: Does this program have clearly stated, measurable goals for student learning?
  2. Direct Assessment: Has this program implemented effective processes for direct assessment of student learning and achievement of learning goals? 
  3. Faculty Involvement: Does this program involve faculty in the assessment of student learning?
  4. Closing the Loop: Does this program provide evidence to demonstrate that they use the information gained from assessment to improve student learning?
  5. Ongoing Assessment: Does this program demonstrate a commitment to educational improvement through ongoing assessment of student learning?


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