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UNI Assessment Policies and Procedures


Assessment of student learning and the quality of programs is a crucial and long-standing mode of operation at the University of Northern Iowa.  This page provides links to some of the policies and procedures that guide these activities.


UNI Outcomes Assessment Policy Statements

2007 Student Outcomes Assessment Policy Statement

1991 Student Outcomes Assessment Policy Statement


The Assessment Cycle

The Assessment Cycle: Activities and Timelines

Annual Assessment Report Template


Academic Program Review


Academic Program Review Manual, 2014-2015


Earlier manuals:


2013-2014     2012-2013     2011-2012    2010-2011  

2009-2010     2008-2009     2007-2008

Liberal Arts Core Assessment Procedures


Liberal Arts Core Category Review

Liberal Arts Core Category Review Questions

Liberal Arts Core Category Review Forms

Assessment Testing in Capstone Courses


Because of their unique end-of-program status in the LAC, Capstone sections may be used to provide information on Students Learning Outcomes by means of the MAPP or other designated examinations. Capstone instructors are required to make one session of their course available for outcomes assessment each semester.  Instructors are encouraged to provide incentives – for instance, class participation points – for students who participate in outcomes assessment activities.


From Liberal Arts Core Committee document, Capstone Management

Approved by UNI Faculty Senate, April 14, 2008 (see page 5)


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