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Student Affairs Assessment Web Sites

Student affairs divisions and departments across the United States are in various stages of development with respect to the measure of student learning outcomes.  The links below offer a resource for examining a variety of organizational models, student learning outcomes statements, and assessment strategies for professionals in student affairs.


Click below for student affairs links for selected institutions: 


UNI Peer Institutions

Other Institutions



UNI Peer Institutions


Illinois State University


Indiana State University


Northern Arizona University


University of North Carolina-Greensboro


University of North Texas (Click on Research at the top of the page for a drop-down menu for this site.)


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Other Institutions

The links below will take you to sites that offer links to assessment web sites for student affairs divisions at a variety of colleges and universities, assembled by the professional organizations below, along with a link to student affairs assessment at the University of Iowa.


ACPA Commission for Assessment and Evaluation


NASPA Assessment, Evaluation & Research Knowledge Community


University of Iowa



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