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Welcome to the resource page for assessment at UNI. Questions about assessment can be directed to the Office of Undergraduate Studies, located on the third floor of Rod Library.  You can reach the office by phone at (319) 273-2633.



A Brief Statement on Assessment at UNI:


Student outcomes assessment is a process by which evidence of the congruence between an institution's stated mission, goals and objectives, and the actual outcomes of its academic programs and co-curricular activities, is assembled and analyzed in order to improve teaching and learning and enhance goal congruence


Although outcomes assessment is a critical element of the institutional growth and change, it is not an end in itself.  Rather, it is one of many vehicles which may help an institution effect change. Through its role in program review and strategic planning, outcomes assessment promotes the rational, orderly evolution and improvement of the institution and its programs. 


Outcomes assessment provides a basis for faculty cooperation, improved integration within and among courses and programs, and supports the development of interdisciplinary courses and programs. A major purpose of outcomes assessment is to build habits of inquiry and a culture of evidence about student learning. 


Based on key concepts from the 1991 & 2007 UNI Assessment Policy Statements



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