Student Learning Outcomes

The University of Northern Iowa recognizes that academic and student life assessment is key to improving student learning.  This process begins with the establishment of measurable student learning goals and outcomes.

University Learning Outcomes

The institution has three overarching learning goals for all students:

  • Critical Thinking.  Graduates will demonstrate critical thinking through the ability to evaluate, analyze, and integrate information from a variety of sources in order to develop reasoned positions and solutions to problems.
  • Communication. Graduates will display competence in oral, written, and visual communication, as appropriate for their discipline.
  • Program Content Knowledge. Graduates will demonstrate discipline-specific knowledge and skills in their major fields of study.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduate and undergraduate programs have outcomes specific to their programs and degree offerings. Students are better positioned to take responsibility for their own learning if educational goals and objectives are clearly defined and measured. Program-specific student learning outcomes (SLOs) are available in the course catalog by scrolling down and selecting the department in which the program is housed. ​

General Education Outcomes

Outcomes for UNI's Foundational Inquiry (UNIFI) program can be found here.